Employers and employees comparison in a UK are being speedy to applaud National Work Week – a new beginning that is ostensible to foster contentment and a improved work-life balance. The thought was innate out of augmenting regard that workers in a UK in sold are putting in longer hours than ever, with a analogous boost in highlight and mental health problems, as good as deleterious governmental effects on family life.

Entrepreneurs will be informed with these pressures. Research shows business owners and managers customarily work prolonged hours and skip holidays. Many find that their staff are following suit.

How, then, to fight this problem? How do ardent and committed tiny business founders find a time to take a step behind though jeopardising a enterprises they have built adult so determinedly? One answer is to welcome innovative new technologies that yield a means to do some-more with reduction – to work some-more well and flexibly so that we don’t need to spend so most time in a office.

There is no necessity of such tools. Here are 7 of a best services for hard-pressed entrepreneurs seeking to giveaway adult time by smarter working:


Founded in 2008 by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Google-and-Facebook operative Justin Rosenstein, Asana aims to assistance organisations conduct work some-more effectively and now has some-more than 35,000 profitable customers.

The thought is to discharge a need for purposeless standing meetings. With smarter communication, everybody across the business – no matter their plcae – understands what a devise is, who is obliged for certain tasks and what has been done. Wasted time is reduced and a group becomes some-more productive.


Prezi is apresentation height that claims to helps presenters bond some-more strenuously with their assembly and customers. Founded in 2009, Prezi now hasa village of over 100 million users and has captivated an considerable collection of investors including Accel Partners, Spectrum Equity, and TED conferences.

Prezi’s single, interactive board encourages a stretchable proceed to presenting, building partnership between a assembly and a presenter. This means users can save hours by building a singular display that can be delivered effectively to many opposite audiences. Prezi’s ‘Zooming User Interface’ was found in investigate by Harvard University to be some-more engaging, effective and impressive than a normal slip deck.


With so many distractions in a digital lives, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Founded in 2007, RescueTime helps employees know their daily habits by tracking a time they spend on applications and websites, giving them an accurate design of their day.

RescueTime not usually provides this comprehension though also enables employees to take action, from restraint distracting websites to environment alerts that tell them when

Article Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidprosser/2018/10/04/seven-technology-companies-that-will-rescue-your-work-life-balance/


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