MOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Russia’s invulnerability method pronounced early on Tuesday that one if a troops aircraft with 14 people on house left from radar screens over Syria during a same time that Israeli and French army were ascent aerial attacks on targets in Syria.

A U.S. central pronounced Washington believed a aircraft, that is an Il-20 turbo-prop craft used for electronic reconnaissance, was inadvertently shot down by anti-aircraft artillery operated by Moscow’s ally, a Syrian government.

Around a time a craft disappeared, a Syrian coastal city of Latakia — nearby a Russian airbase to that a Il-20 was returning — came underneath dispute from “enemy missiles”, and barb invulnerability batteries responded, Syrian state media reported.

The invulnerability method in Moscow pronounced a aircraft was returning to a Russian-run Hmeymim airbase in Latakia range when, during about 11:00 p.m. Moscow time (20:00 GMT) on Monday, it left from radar screens.

The craft was over a Mediterranean Sea about 35 km (20 miles) from a Syrian coastline, Russia’s TASS news group quoted a method as observant in a statement.

“The snippet of a Il-20 on moody control radars left during an dispute by 4 Israeli F-16 jets on Syrian comforts in Latakia province,” a matter was quoted as saying.

“At a same time Russian atmosphere control radar systems rescued rocket launches from a French frigate Auvergne that was located in that region.”

The predestine of a 14 people on house a blank craft is unknown, and a rescue operation has been orderly out of a Hmeymim base, a method said.

Russia’s troops operation in Syria, that began in late 2015, has incited a waves of a dispute in preference of Moscow’s ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in his quarrel opposite rebels.

But it has come during a cost to Russia.

In Dec 2016, a Russian craft carrying dozens of Red Army choir singers, dancers and musicians crashed into a Black Sea on a approach to Syria, murdering all 92 people on board.

In Mar this year, a Russian troops ride craft crashed when entrance in to land during a Hmeymim base, murdering all 39 people on board.

Multiple countries have troops operations underway around Syria, with army on a belligerent or rising strikes from a atmosphere or from ships in a Mediterranean.

In some cases, those countries are subsidy hostile sides in a Syrian conflict.

Hotlines are in place for those countries to share operational information on their deployments, though diplomats and troops planners contend there is still a high risk of one state inadvertently distinguished another country’s forces.

Reporting by Christian Lowe in MOSCOW, Phil Stewart in WASHINGTON and Nayera Abdallah in CAIRO; Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by Mike Collett-White

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