BOSTON — Robots delivering room service, check-in kiosks with facial approval record and “smart” speakers that offer as an in-room concierge.

The hotel of a not-so-distant destiny sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, yet it’s sketch genuine universe stress for some of a thousands of Marriott hotel workers on strike opposite a U.S. this month.

“I’m not opposite technology,” pronounced Juan Eusebio, a 32-year-old doorman during a W Hotel in Boston and a member of a internal union’s negotiating team. “I only wish any record that comes in to assistance us do a improved job, not take a jobs away.”

How many submit workers have as these and other technologies are introduced is among a core issues for a scarcely 8,000 workers that have walked off their jobs during Marriott hotels from Boston to Honolulu given final week, kinship officials say.

Workers are also seeking changes to housekeeper workloads, quite as “green” programs permitting guest to opt out of cleaning services turn some-more popular. They’re also pulling for pursuit protections for grill and bar staff as some-more hotels shiver those facilities.

Marriott, a Maryland-based that is a world’s largest hotel operator, declined to criticism for this story, yet has pronounced it’s “disappointed” workers have motionless to strike.

Marriott workers walked out of hotels opposite Boston final week, followed by workers in San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, San Jose, Detroit and Honolulu. Some 6,000 workers during 26 hotels in Chicago also went on strike final month, yet many have returned to work after reaching new contracts with Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and other operators.

Marriott has 5,000 hotels in a U.S. and Canada, of that about 40 are impacted by a stream labor kinship negotiations.

The union’s proposals change between cities, yet generally workers are seeking improved remuneration to keep adult with mountainous housing and vital costs, pronounced D. Taylor, general boss of Unite Here.

Unions concluded to abandon compensate raises during a gaunt retrogression years to safety jobs, yet now that a attention is reaping record increase in some cities, they wish to share in a windfall, he said.

In August, Marriott reported second entertain increase increasing 25 percent from a prior year to $610 million.

“We consider a largest, many essential hotel association in a universe can means it,” Taylor said. “Our members are operative dual or 3 jobs only to make ends meet.”

On other fronts, a kinship wants Marriott to residence a impact a “Make a Green Choice” module has had on housekeepers.

The roughly decade-old program, that is identical to those offering by other hotel companies, allows guest to acquire prerogative points or other perks for disappearing housekeeping services. The union, in a news final month, pronounced a module reduces housekeeper hours and leads to some-more injuries since bedrooms take some-more bid to purify once guest depart.

Marriott declined to contend how many a immature module has saved a company, yet pronounced in a 2017 news a environmental and sustainability efforts have, overall, lowered appetite use by 13 percent and H2O use by scarcely 8 percent from 2007 levels.


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