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myFC has grown a complement and technologies to secure that myFC’s singular approved fuel chemistry can rightly brand a myFC PowerCard, a company’s original, law fuel card. Only PowerCards will be supposed during start of appetite era for a smartphone or other device.

myFC currently announces it has a obvious tentative that protects a fuel chemistry of a PowerCard. Specifically, a obvious covers a record permitting a device to immediately commend if a energy label is in fact a myFC strange PowerCard, stable for a dictated use, and ensuring a device does not accept any unofficial or tawdry versions.

Sales of fuel cards is a poignant intensity source of repeated income for myFC and therefore an constituent partial of a company’s business model. Previously communicated calculations by myFC state that underneath a arrogance that that users would use one to dual fuel cards a month, a company’s intensity annual revenues for a sale of fuel cards could be 5 to 10 times aloft than a revenues for a fuel cell.

This record is also poignant for a users. A exigency for myFC’s charity is that fuel cards are straightforwardly and conveniently available, and that consumers can trust a peculiarity of a fuel. Smartphone manufacturers integrating myFC’s record into their inclination serve need to be certain their products aren’t compromised by tawdry or non-certified fuel cards.

“This is a poignant breakthrough for myFC, that we am happy to finally be means to share. This creation ensures that no tawdry cards will be supposed by a system. That means consumers can trust a cards they use are approved and safe, manufacturers can be positive a warranties of their products won’t be compromised, and we during myFC are positive a intensity memorable income from PowerCards is protected,” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

“Developing a complement that protects a own, law fuel is rarely formidable in itself. But we also wish to underline that we have managed to do it really cost-effectively with high scalability and usability, ensuring that it is eventually commercially viable to embody it in thousands of energy cards,” adds Westerholm.

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