After months of speculating possibly Jake Paul, and his afterwards personal assistant, Erika Costell, were together over a year ago, we are now brought a same conditions again. But, this time, it’s speculating possibly a dual are no longer an item.

Despite a dual being renouned in a amicable media eye, we never know what’s going on behind sealed doors. However, fans started to square things together when mysterious tweets were sent out by a two, suggesting that their attribute had started to spin rocky…

Although a dual seemed flattering set adult during Shane Dawson’s, ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ docuseries, inside sources have suggested that apparently Erika’s new poise has contributed to this decision, with many seeing how it seems like Erika no longer wants to be around Jake, let alone vital in a same residence as him.

As with all relationships, there’s ups and downs, and hopefully this is usually one large dump and that they’ll arrange things out soon. Although, a news has come as a bit of a startle to fans, with many observant how they’re anticipating it’s usually rumours, and others observant how it’s damaged their heart…

However, Jake Paul staid a rumours there and then, and expelled a matter on Twitter to put things straight…

I have to admit, nonetheless we have never been a ‘Jake Pauler’ myself, we did grow some connection to a integrate and their love towards one another during Shane Dawson’s series. It seemed like a amatory relationship, where both people cared about any other a lot, usually like in a movies.

But we theory that’s a problems with fairytales – they’re not real.

Are we dissapoint about a news of YouTube’s energy integrate going apart ways? Let us know in a comments, or on Twitter during @WhatsTrending.

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