Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Sibile Marcellus, Scott Gamm, Alanna Petroff, Brian Sozzi, Alexis Keenan, Rick Newman, Dan Roberts, Brian Cheung,  Zack Guzman, and Jeanie Ahn discuss today’s tip stories.

Today’s topics include:

  • China’s economy grows during slowest gait given a financial crisis
  • Coca-Cola slots Brian Smith as COO
  • Tesla unveils ‘lower-cost’ indication 3
  • Americans favor rewards credit cards:
  • $1.4B during interest in dual mega lotteries
  • Legal issues come with any vast lottery win
  • Saudis might censure tip comprehension executive for journalist’s death: NYT
  • Uber experimenting with providing on-demand workers: Rpt
  • Trump praises US Congressman who physique slammed reporter
  • American Express posts vast kick in latest gain report
  • PayPal posts vast kick in latest gain report
  • Ford hires Bryan Cranston for new ‘build travel proud’ ad campaign
  • Apple opens pre-orders for iPhone XR


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