The universe of YouTubers can mostly be possibly maligned, or treated with a flushed view, so we are, as always, blissful that Shane Dawson is taking a documentarian’s approach to a ever flourishing call of vlogger superstars with his documentary series. In a past he’s profiled the disaster that was Tanacon, and a universe of headline grabbing feuder and occasional YouTuber, Jeffree Star. Now, Shane Dawson earnings with a trailer for a docuseries involving one of a heavyweights of YouTube superstardom, Jake Paul.

The trailer plays clips that uncover both because Jake Paul has been such a renouned vlogger and because he’s been mostly controversial, with one shave in particular, that of a Martinez Brothers, a Team 10 ex-members who indicted Jake Paul of bullying them, hints that this won’t only be a flint piece, though a genuine low dive into what creates this star enthuse a far-reaching array of impassioned feelings that he does.

The documentary was even done during Jake Paul’s insistence as, during a build adult to a Paul brother’s particular fighting matches, and Jake Paul’s quarrel with Deji Olatunji, Shane Dawson Tweeted out that he would adore to do a plan about Jake Paul, to that Paul replied “Let’s do it”.

And Jake Paul betrothed in a after Tweet to concede a documentary to be neutral, real, with a warts and all vibe. Which is flattering gutsy, and here’s anticipating he keeps to that as a modifying routine wraps up.

As for what a plan will be like? Well, Shane’s Tweets from during a prolongation routine have hinted this is a Kenneth Anger/ Hollywood Babylon character act of autarchic super stupidity that will engage each YouTuber now active int he field, and will outcome in some kind of one speculation of YouTube superstardom. we mean, only check out these Tweets, hinting that visiting Jake

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