TOKYO (AP) — Attention Simone Biles: They’re building a venue in Tokyo where we can supplement to a 4 Olympic bullion medals we won in Rio de Janeiro.

The 2020 Olympic gymnastics venue is median finished and should be finished by this time subsequent year.

On Wednesday, engineers carried a large joist roof section, one of 5 winding sections that will tip out a 20.5 billion yen ($180 million) building, that designers report as being made like a wooden bowl.

“Japan’s joist enlightenment will be communicated by a venue,” designer Hidemichi Takahashi pronounced by an interpreter.

Wood has been traditionally used in Japanese housing, and eremite shrines and temples.

Each of a 5 wooden sections weighs 200 metric tons, or 200,000 kilograms (440,000 pounds). Officials pronounced a joist used in a roof is larch, a conifer in a hunger family.

The territory carried on Wednesday was carried from a belligerent during a freezing gait of about 9 centimeters (3.5 inches) per minute, so perplexing to see a transformation was like examination time hands hardly move.

“By regulating joist instead of steel, a weight of a roof is cut in half,” Takahashi said.

The venue will also have joist seating “to give fans a feel of a regard of wood,” Takahashi added.

Officials pronounced all a joist in a venue is Japanese. There has been some debate about a start of joist used in a new Olympic Stadium, that is underneath construction in executive Tokyo.

The gymnastics venue will chair about 12,000 and will be used for 10 years after a Olympics as a gathering core by a Tokyo civil government. After that, skeleton call for a building to be razed.

The venue is located in a Tokyo Bay segment in an area famous as Ariake. The area will also have Olympic venues for tennis, volleyball, BMX and skateboarding.

Located tighten by in a brook segment are also venues for triathlon, marathon swimming, beach volleyball, swimming, H2O polo, archery, 3×3 basketball, competition climbing, hockey, equestrian, canoeing and rowing.

Olympic organizers and a International Olympic Committee have been criticized for withdrawal behind empty, new venues in Rio de Janeiro — where Biles was among a stars of a games — and progressing this year during a Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Tokyo organizers are regulating a brew of new, aged and proxy venues, anticipating to equivocate a tarnish of formulating white elephants.


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