Maybe a rumors of a genocide of Superman — or rather a outs of Henry Cavill as Superman in a DC cinematic universe — have been extravagantly overblown. Maybe. Henry Cavill posted a puzzling Instagram video hours after a rumors forsaken with adequate Superman imagery to make we consider that maybe… something is up.

Today was sparkling #Superman

A post common by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on Sep 12, 2018 during 4:23pm PDT

The Instagram, that involves a focused Henry Cavill lifting an movement figure of himself as Superman as a Blue Danube plays, while wearing a shirt representing Superman’s home world of Krypton, hints that maybe a impression and purpose are not utterly as passed as initial reports led some to believe. That, and a clarity of amusement in a video hints that Henry Cavill is still carefree about a situation.

That and, as Mashable points out, Cavill’s manager progressing hinted that nothing of this was a finished deal.

With that said… doesn’t it feel like a nerd sphere’s changed on? Already everyone’s psyched about Michael B. Jordan in a role! So who knows, we theory we’ll have to see how it shakes out. For now, we can and should only go forward and review a comics. Why be lovable about it, that Superman is great! And he’s never going to be recast, he’s only going to be a same aged block jawed doer of good.

Look, superheroes are great. Go indulge in a large common star story involving capes, tights, punches and multiverses today. because not. And who knows, maybe some day you’ll open adult a Grant Morrison comic book involving a Supermen of mixed universes and see aged Henry Cavill awkwardly pencilled in to some outrageous organisation shot. Hey, because not. It could be fun, probably.

See Henry, you’ll live on as Superman forever. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice analyzed on mocking bad film podcasts, your name shouted out on trivia nights and in listicles where we have to list a best Supermen — and even on a inexhaustible list we won’t kick out Christopher Reeve! How could anyone? He was a biggest Superman!

What do we consider of Henry Cavill’s Instagram? Do we consider he could come behind as a Man of Steel, or is it all carefree conjecture? Let us know in a comments or on Twitter during @WhatsTrending.

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