2018 has been a year of Childish Gambino. From ‘This is America’ to ‘Feels Like Summer’, a multi-talented actor and musician has taught us all a really critical doctrine this year about a crime of America, and now a party industry, as his latest hit, ‘Feels Like Summer’, has been interpreted as a summary on how a attention treats people of color.

While a strain itself is smooth, grand and full of chill vibes, people have also been commenting about a interconnected charcterised strain video that came out this weekend.

Childish Gambino’s character is really versatile, though we know when a people of a universe need to be told a law about a dark lies, emotions and struggles of multitude today, he will be there, strike after hit, giving us a summary we all need to hear. ‘Feels Like Summer’ did only this, if not, better. we wouldn’t be fibbing if we pronounced that this competence presumably be my favorite strain of a year, and a Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’ feel it’s got, creates it ever so soulful and a pleasure for a ears.

The video is totally charcterised and starts vanishing from a black shade into a lonesome window, that emerges into white light and shows Glover walking down a modest street, with a deep-orange tinge nightfall in a background. It’s critical to discuss what this competence mean, as this could presumably indicate that we never know what goes on behind sealed doors until someone shines a light on a dark existence that many face. What’s even some-more amazing, is how Glover sings a lyrics “you can feel it on a streets, on a day like this, a heat, it feels like summer.” A lot of people in a attention speak about a feverishness and vigour that’s on them to be a purpose model, or be a many successful, and this line interconnected with visuals explains this perfectly, as a vigour that a feverishness puts on people during summer, is what many celebrities face on an romantic turn each day.

Everything unexpected goes hazy, afterwards fades behind into a transparent shot of Lil Pump and 21 Savage shooing divided immature fans who won’t leave them alone. We see cameos from Migos, Azealia Banks, Beyoncé, Drake, a list goes on. Notably, a cameo that many people are articulate about, and not for a right reasons, is Kanye West and Michelle Obama.

Kanye West is graphic great with a ‘Make America Great Again’ shawl on, while Michelle Obama emerges from a black background, prepared to console Kanye in his unfortunate time of need.

Although we consider that Gambino’s summary here was that no matter how most we misuse someone in a media to seem like someone you’re not, a same chairman we betray

Article Source: https://whatstrending.com/pop/childish-gambinos-it-feels-like-summer-video-courts-controversy-with-depiction-of-black-women/


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