LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s supervision can't stop a box seeking to establish either a nation can unilaterally retreat Brexit – due to be deliberate by Europe’s tip justice on Nov. 27 – Scotland’s Court of Session ruled on Thursday.

Scottish politicians against to Britain withdrawal a European Union had successfully asked for a statute to explain either Britain could repel a presentation to leave but accede from a bloc’s other members.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s government, struggling to broach Brexit, had argued that either or not Britain could retreat a preference was immaterial, given a supervision had no goal of doing so. The supervision had asked for accede to interest a box during Britain’s Supreme Court.

“The focus for accede to interest to a UK Supreme Court was refused,” a orator for a Court of Session said.

Scotland’s top polite justice concluded on Oct. 4 there was a box to be listened before a European Court of Justice.

The anti-Brexit petitioners aim to uncover that Britain has a authorised uneven choice of staying in a world’s biggest trade confederation once it is famous what a outcome of Brexit negotiations is.

Reporting by Elisabeth O’Leary; Editing by Michael Holden

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