So when it came time to select a subsequent Steve for a reboot of Blue Clue’s — a dear kids uncover where kids solve riddles with a assistance of a duke copy dog and a tellurian who led a way. In a late 90’s/early aughts Steve Burns was that human, though a time for change has come, and after a extensive open try-out routine — that enclosed a likes of each masculine comedian we know and also John Cena for some reason — Blue’s Clues has found their new Steve in a 23 year aged Broadway actor Joshua Dela Cruz.

Nickelodeon’s Shelly Sumpter Gillyard, pronounced of a find,: “The hunt for a new horde of Blue’s Clues You was no tiny task, though we knew as shortly as we met Josh that he was a ideal choice. From his genuineness to his comedic timing and range, there was no doubt that he could lift a uncover on for a subsequent era of preschoolers.”

Joshua Dela Cruz is not a usually thing changing during a uncover that’s certain to yank on a sentimental heart strings of adults and also learn kids to be destiny PIs by fixation duke prints on celebration hats. The uncover is also removing a new title, “Blue Clue’s and You”. That’s right buddy, YOU done a title! Now we can indicate to a name of a show, indicate during a You, indicate during yourself and go “That’s right, from now on you’re going to provide me right. There’s going to be some changes around here…”

As for a new Steve, he’s gotten a many critical bit of confirmation he could wish for– a aged Steve! Said Steve Burns —

“I had a good respect of being a partial of a hunt for a new host, and we give Josh dual thumbs up! He can really fill my shoes, and a rugby shirt.”

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